Principles of Computer Programming
December 10, 2014

Final Notes

The Team Projects were outstanding. There were no broken links, images that failed to load, yellow error pages, or major technical dissasters. It was clear that every team worked very hard on their projects and tackled the problem with absolute commitment. I am very impressed with all three projects and teams.

I enjoyed meeting everyone of you and it was a pleasure to have you in my class.

Have a Happy Hanukkah and a very Merry Christmas.
Best wishes to all.

December 9, 2014

Current Standings


Good luck tonight everyone.

December 4, 2014


You will soon discover that I am no photographer but this morning I drove to Sanford to take pictures of Mrs. McKinstrie. She was at a client's office, Interiors by Lawrence David. I took a few pictures and posted them here.

Hope this helps and I apologize to Mrs. McKinstrie for any images that are not appropriately flattering.

December 2, 2014

Quiz 12

I have reopened Quiz 12 and scheduled it to expire December 8th at the same time as Quiz 11.

Second post on November 26, 2014

Introduction to CSS.pdf

Apparently there is something wrong with the CSS pdf file I was showing last night. It seems to be a problem with the Adobe as it displays a message box when I try to load the file.

Here are links to sites that you can use as a references for CSS: These links have also been added to the Links page.

November 26, 2014

Quizzes 11 & 12

Greetings All,

I verified that Quizzes 11 & 12 are the correct ones provided by our authors so I have opened both. Note the Due Dates; Quiz 12 is on schedule, Quiz 11's date is extended.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

November 24, 2014

NOTE: Visual Studio

There is a new update for Visual Studio; Update 4.

Microsoft recently announced a new format for their free Express versions of Visual Studio. They put all of the Express versions together and made it available for download. It is essentially the same thing as Visual Studio 2013 Professional.

Additionally, Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

All three items can be downloaded at Visual

November 21, 2014

Team Projects

The school has granted special access for our web development client, Ms. Marie McKinstrie of Lake Mary Bookkeeping. She has begun to post in the Forum. Feel free to ask here questions.

I have asked Ms. McKinstrie to post her company logo. She has a designer working on that but if you want to give it a shot you may. It is after all a competition. Take every edge you can imagine.

November 20, 2014

Where was the...

The title of the section where I pulled the code from the Help file is: "Walkthrough: Working with an Existing CSS File" and can be viewed online here . .

November 19, 2014

Current Standing and Team Projects


We covered a lot of information in class last night much of which is not in the book. There is a video on the class website about Master Pages and Treeviews if you want to give them a try. The book covers web development well but on a more focussed list of topics. Web development is crucial for anyone in our field.

We only have three class sessions left. The Team Presentations will be on December 9th. The presentations are worth 250-350 points; 350 for first place, 300 for second, and 250 for third place. The teams are listed in the previous post (bleow).

The Team Projects

Each team should produce a website for Lake Mary Bookkeeping to be published at

Each website should include:
  1. A Master Page that controls the layout of all other pages on the website.
  2. A Style Sheet that controls the styles of all of the elements on the website.
  3. Homepage
  4. Contact Page
  5. About Page
  6. A special page that requires/offers interaction with the user. This is a page designed by each team and it may include more that one purpose related to the company. There is no requirement for a team's ideas to be shared with other teams.
  7. Proper navigation between all of the pages on the site.
  8. The client presentation will be December 9th during the scheduled class session.  Each member of the team should be prepared to discuss their participation in the project.
All questions for this assignment should be posted in the Forum's Team Projects section.

November 17, 2014

Team List

Greatings All,

The following is a list of the teams for the final project:

  1. Mr. Bates - Team Leader
  2. Ms. Allen
  3. Mr. Bitter
  4. Mr. Blevins
  5. Mr. Stringer
  1. Mr. Frisby - Team Leader
  2. Mr. Aboy
  3. Mr. Patel
  4. Mr. Robinson
  5. Mr. Stojic
  6. Ms. Swancott
  1. Ms. Zinnamosca - Team Leader
  2. Mr. Adamson
  3. Mr. Lambert
  4. Mr. Roubert
  5. Mr. Seeley
  6. Ms. Villarino

November 15, 2014

Changes to the Syllabus

Please check the new Assignment Schedule in the Syllabus.

The section on Plagiarism has been modified.

November 12, 2014

Review Example: CelsiusToFahrenheit

This is the CelsiusToFahrenheit example we discussed in class: CelsiusToFahrenheit

This is the CarTracker project with the four tables we started in class: CarTracker

I think the fix for the problem we had with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) will be fairly easy to fix. This project should help simplify database development and allay some fears of the topic.

November 11, 2014

I have extended the date of Quiz 10 to coincide with the Syllabus.

November 10, 2014

Online Schedule

The schedule for today's online review project will be from 4-5:30pm. It's a little shorter than expected but it should still work ok.

If you're interested in participating in today's session, please send me your Skype address in a Sakai message. I have a list and I will dial everyone at the same time. Also, I will send you a Skype message with the address of the session so you can dial in if I can't connect to you.

November 6, 2014


There are a few people who have asked for a little extra help and I'm glad to be able to work with you. Everyone's time is limited and schedules don't exactly mesh but I'll do the best I can. I know this is short notice but here's all I can do this week:
  • Friday November 7th 4-6pm
  • Tentatively Monday November 10th 4-6pm
Keep an eye on the Announcements page for any changes to the schedule.

To access the session you will need to have Skype on your computer and send me your Skype name by way of a Sakai Message.

Here are the current class standings as of this past Monday night's due date:


I hope everyone who's not currently in the "A" range will give it a good push. There's not a grade on those charts that can't be brought up by at least one letter grade. I'm pulling for you.

October 18, 2014

Additional Help

There are a couple of VB tutors; one on the main campus and one at Altamonte. I think they are only here during the day but if you need help that might be the answer. I certainly don't want to lose anyone from our class.

The tutor on main campus is Maria Suarez. Her hours are Monday and Wednesday, 8:30-4:30. She's located in V102.

The person at Altamonte is Jenn Hella. I don't have her hours or room number but if you're interested call Ms. Beatriz Sanabria, our office suprevisor, at 407-708-2265.

Please post questions in the Forum.

I look forward to seeing you on October 28th.

October 16, 2014


A British company publishes computer oriented eBooks; they're good and they're very cheap. Based on today's exchange rate you can get one book for $8.82 or five books for $16.07. I have reviewed the VB.NET book and I think it puts things in very simple and straight forward terms. It seems to be very easy to understand and it covers more topics than our text.

If you're interested I recommend you at least get the Visual Basic .NET book. If you can swing the $16.07 I recommend:
  1. Visual Basic .NET
  2. Web Design
  3. C# .NET
  4. Excel 2007 to 2013
  5. Java for Beginners
Some will ask why Excel? You will use Excel a lot when you start setting up data files, tables, and reports. Excel has become one of the primary report applications for all programming languages.

BTW: The full name of the VB eBook is, "Visual Basic .NET for Complete Beginners". The explanations are very good and if you're behind or if you just enjoy what you're learning, you will enjoy this book.

Good Programming eBooks

October 15, 2014


I have changed the Assignments page in the Syllabus to reflect the extra credit (EC) projects we discussed in last night's class.

The instructions for the Compound Interest project are posted in the Forum and on the Assignments page in Sakai.

There is a place on the Assignments page in Sakai for the MPL Chapter 8 Workbench but there is nothing for you to post. That is strictly for me to post your grade so it will be included in Sakai's Gradebook.

Remember: There is no class next week; October 21st. I look forward to seeing on the 28th.

October 14, 2014

Common errors and deficiencies found in the Budget Project
  • Include a commented header.
  • Include Option Explicit On and Option Strict On right after your commented header.
  • Right align labels and text boxes that will contain numeric data.
  • Don't forget to use the form's Accept and Cancel buttons.
  • If you use list boxes be sure to clear them before adding more data. Otherwise, the new data will just be added to the existing data so you end up with a jumbled mess.
  • Be sure to test/validate the user's input.
  • You should create test data in a FormLoad event. It will save you a lot of time.
  • Don't forget to set the TabOrder.
  • Remove all empty event handlers.
  • Replace all default control names such as Form1, Button1, and Label1.
  • Cite all work you referenced on the web. Do not copy others' work.

See you tonight. Bring your umbrellas.

October 9, 2014


I have to go out of town and must cancel class on October 21st. This could be a huge reprieve if you have gotten behind.

Please note the changes to the Syllabus:
  • Assignments from 10/21 forward have been pushed back a week.
  • The Chapter 12 project is now for Extra Credit (EC).
  • There are now 200 points less in the total for the semester.
  • Extra credit will be offered for the week I'm gone.


If you look at the schedule you can tell that we are now at midterm.

For anyone whose grade has fallen below an "A", this extra week off is the perfect opportunity for you to get back on track. There are people in our class who can answer your questions in the Forum if you need help. Every "F" can still be brought up to at least a passing grade and if you work at it you might even be able to make an "A". Every grade that's not already an "A" can be brought up if you try but don't wait any longer to get started.

We still have class this coming week; October 14th. See you then.

October 8, 2014

Getting back to it...

Here are the current class standings:

The class as a whole is doing well but there are a few people who have gotten off track. I know when that happens it can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless but you should not. There's not a bar on that chart that couldn't be raised to at least a "B" and with the right effort, an "A". So jump in and make it work. In the words of Jim Rohn, "If you really want to do something you will find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."

Assignment 5...
is a budget project. The intent is to get you to think and reason your way through the problem. Not a financial expert? That's even better. The life of a programmer is using a computer to solve other peoples' problems. At least in this assignment you will learn how to solve your own. Really try to make it functional.

For the budget project, feel free to search the Internet for examples of budget layouts and formats. Use all that you want, cite all that you use.

I really hope you enjoy this project. It is designed to be useful and fun.

As always, post your questions to the Forum.

October 2, 2014

Greetings All

I hope you’re enjoying your time off and using it to get all caught up so we can get back to it next Tuesday.

One of our classmates recommended a restaurant in Winter Park that I thought you might like to try so I decided to just post my first impression. The name of the restaurant is Prato. It’s located at 124 North Park Avenue in Winter Park which is near the intersection of Morse and Park.

I called a few days ahead to see if we needed reservations since we were coming at 7:30 on a Wednesday night. They recommended it and it was a good thing… the place was packed.

  • There is indoor and sidewalk dining.
  • The interior is very nice.
  • The food was excellent. The calamari may be the best I’ve had.
  • Everything seemed to be fresh, homemade, and qourmet quality.
  • The service was very good.
  • The prices were in line with the quality of the food and ambience.
  • The seating is awful. There is a row of high-tops for two right down the center of the area between the bar and the wall and the distance between the two is inadequate. Everybody gets to rub elbows as they negotiate their way anywhere beyond the front door.
  • We were seated in an area where there was a cushioned bench against the wall for one person and a chair on the opposite side for the other. The bench was several inches higher than the chair so I spent the night looking up to have a conversation. I felt as though I was in a hole or something.
  • The tables on either side were so close we were essentially all in the same conversation.
  • There is no sound management and the place is too loud to talk. We had a very hard time just hearing the waitress.
Bottom line:

         The food was so good I would give it another try but it was so loud and uncomfortable my wife will not.

Second post for September 24, 2014

Missing Quizzes

Some people were not able to see the quizzes in Sakai so I'm turning quizzes for chapters 3 & 4 back on until this coming Sunday night. If you missed them for any reason or just want to take them again, please feel free.

If you cannot see Quizzes 3, 4, & 5 in Sakai, please let me know right away.

September 24, 2014

Last night's leftovers

A few people have mentioned they are behind. Look at this from a practical perspective... How did we get behind? Work or fun came up and we didn't read the book, watch the videos, work the examples, ask questions in class, and/or post to the Forum.

Ok, so how do we fix it? We have a week off and nothing's due for two weeks which simply defines, "REPRIEVE!". I want anyone who is behind to read the book, watch the videos, try to work the examples in the book (YES, type them in and debug them), and if you have any questions on any small little topics, post them to the Forum.

And I can hear what you're saying from here... "he's not behind so he doesn't know how it feels". I hate to sound so parental but I spent 10 years in college, work and fun got in my way, and I've been behind as much as anyone else. That's exactly why I am so anxious to help those who are behind. The biggest thing I learned by getting behind is that no one else can get me caught up. I had to go back and read the book, work the examples...

Your success is my goal.

Mr. McMurrer asked a very good question last week and I just did not get time to answer it in class so here it is. The question was, "Does VB have a function similar to Excel's Proper function which puts text in Title Case?" It does; it's called vbProperCase and here is an example I put together to illustrate:

Good question Mr. McMurrer. Thank you.

I hope all of you enjoy the week off. I look forward to seeing you in two weeks.

September 23, 2014


September 16, 2014

Results and Standings

This is the first project and several people made the same mistakes so I am listing them here instead of in each Assignment Feedback panel so that everyone gets the same information.
  1. Planning documents were not submitted. (11%)
  2. Planning documents should be in the same directory as the sln file.
  3. Planning documents must include an image of your intended form design and a written description of its operational/code design.
  4. Give your projects a more meaningful name than WindowsApplication1.
  5. Always give the form file a more meaningful name than "Form1.vb".
  6. Always give the form object a more meaningful name than "Form1"
  7. Always provide more meaningful text in the title bar than "Form1"
  8. Give controls a name other than Button1, Label1, PictureBox1, and TextBox1.
  9. Name projects as specified in the Syllabus.
  10. Include Option Strict On and Option Explicit On at the beginning of every project.
  11. Include a commented header at the beginning of every project start form class that includes:
  • Your name
  • Date started
  • Project name
  • Assignmet number
  • Purpose of the project
  • Brief description
  1. Remove all empty event handlers from your code prior to submission.
  2. Always include an Exit button or Exit entry in a ToolStrip menu (Chapter 4).
  3. Make sure you follow the instructions. If a MessageBox is specified, don't assume you may substitute with a label or text box. It is ok to add objects but those specified must be satisfied first.
  4. You can add requirements to the specification but not change or exclude the existing ones.
  5. Cite/reference legally used work such as photos and clipart.
  6. Do not publish with ClickOnce Deployment.

Current Standings:

If your grade is not what you want it to be do not be discouraged; you can still make an 'A' in this class. It's just going to take a little effort. There are still well over 2000 points on the table.

See you in class.

September 15, 2014

Jobs and SQL Saturday

We frequently get requests for students who are looking for positions as starting programmers. What companies are seeking is someone who has taken this course and at least one other to qualify for their positions; I recommend the next level of Visual Basic, C#, or JavaScript. The downside or the trap to this is that people who do well as intro programmers are moved into good positions that make them feel secure without a degree. A few years down the road that almost always comes back to haunt.

Another option, if you want to get experience while still in school is to register with the Career Development Center. They're really nice people and love to help you with resumes, interviews, and placement.

Additionally, there is a series of free on campus seminars that we host once a year called SQL Saturday . All you have to do is register and attend. This year they are having a special half day seminar just for our students called, "From Students to I.T. Professional ". I highly recommend this event to anyone who wants to have a career in computing technology. Check the links for information and registration.

Not only is this a valuable opportunity but extra credit will be awarded to those who attend sessions and bring me a schedule initialed by the presentor on each session attended. 10 points will be awarded for each session attended except for the morning sessions in the left most column. For those, points will be awarded as designated on the following schedule:

Please don't forget to bring me the initialed schedule. Extra credit cannot be awarded without it.

September 11, 2014


Far too often people submit a project that will not run when I open it on my side. Once you've submitted an assignment you should always test it to make sure you sent the whole thing and that it works as you expected. To test it:
  1. Go to Sakai where you submitted your project.
  2. Download your project to a directory other than the one where it was created.
  3. Unzip it and try to run it.
  4. If it runs you should be good.
  5. If it doesn't run you have a problem; most likely with including all of the project files.
  6. If it doesn't work you can repair and resubmit it.
Remember you can submit a project as many times as you like before the deadline and I will only grade the one most recently submitted; presumably your best effort.

Planning Documents
If you don't have Microsoft Office do not despair. There are two very good open source (free) office style programs you can download from the Internet; LibreOffice and OpenOffice . I put them side by side today for comparison and they are both very good. I found that I liked LibreOffice just a little better. Owning Microsoft Office is not a requirement but both of these are Office compatible and I can open your files without any conversion or extra effort.

Friendly Reminders
  • Start your work early. It always takes longer than you think.
  • Post questions to the Forum.

September 10, 2014

Code snippet for last night's discussion.

I ran out of time last night and didn't get to develop an example for numeric formatting, Concatenation, and using the MessageBox so I put this together this morning.  Code Snippet

In Help look up Standard Numeric Formatting.

Please post questions to the Forum so that all may benefit from the discussion.

September 9, 2014

Results of Quizzes 1 & 2

September 8, 2014


Good morning All,

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

A few people have not submitted quizzes 1 & 2. They're due tonight so please make sure you get them finished and submitted on time.

Please read Chapter 3 before class tomorrow night. We will work through some projects to make sure everyone is clear on the basics and I'll try to give you more tools to help you streamline your work.

Second post on September 4, 2014

Good news

The logins have been distributed. I know how anxious you've been so try to get Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate installed as soon as you can. It takes a good bit of time to install so don't try to start it right before class.

If you have any problems with the installation please post them to the Forum. If you see a question you can answer, please do. I will try to watch the Forum but I'll be out of town until Monday.

Have a great weekend.

September 4, 2014

Nice Add-In

When you do get access to DreamSpark Premium, here is a nice add-in for Visual Basic: PowerPack

This is not required but it could help you in later projects.

BTW: Did anyone get Visual Studio 2013 instead of 2012 with their book? If so please post a message in the Forum and include the ISBN.

September 3, 2014

DreamSpark Premium

None of the other programming classes have received their DreamSpark Premium registration. Notification has been sent to the administrator of that facility to find out when access will be available.

Would the first person to get their access please post a message in the Forum under Got DreamSpark Premium Access so I know when it was distributed?

Thank you.

August 29, 2014

Syllabus, Quizzes, and Assignments

Good morning All,

The Assignment Schedule has been modified considerably. I tried to spread out some of the projects to even the load during the semester. It should work much better this way.

The quizzes and assignments have all been posted. You'll only be able to see them from the time they open until the due date so make sure you keep an eye on them.

You may take the quizzes as many times as you like. Sakai will only record your highest grade.

You may also submit your assignments as many times as you like before the due date. I will find and grade the most recent submission; presumably your best version.

Today is the last day of add/drop so you should be getting your username and password for DreamSpark Premium soon. It will come to your SSC e-mail account. Take advantage of that if you can.

Have a great weekend. See you Tuesday night.

August 28, 2014


The quizzes for Chapters 1 & 2 have been posted.

Assignment 2:6 is posted. Disregard all others for now. They're liable to change.

All quizzes and assignments can be resubmitted as many times as you like. The quizzes will only remember your highest score and I will only grade your most recently submitted Programming Challenge.

There may be more changes to the Syllabus. I try to keep changes to a minimum but I'm trying to keep the projects interesting and useful. At any rate, printing copies of the Syllabus may not be a good idea.

Everyone needs to go to the author's website and register for the Workbench. To do that you will need the Section Access Code (Course ID) which is SEMI-16526-QZCP-22. Please let me know if you run into any problems.

Please make sure you've included your introduction in the Forum. I read and enjoy everyone of them and it helps me gauge the classes' level of experience.

Second Post on August 27, 2014

Major Change

I made a significant change to the Assignment Schedule of the Syllabus so if you printed it out you'll need to print a new copy of page 3.

This change will actually give us an extra week of material we can cover. We might get to those phone apps yet.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

See you in class.

August 27, 2014

About last night

Good morning All. It was a pleasure getting to meet all of you last night and to start to learn of your interests and backgrounds. As you learned as we went through the introductions we have a diverse class. My goal is to provide all of you with a new set of tools that you can parlay into a higher degree of success.

Just a couple of reminders...
  • The instructions for installing Visual Studio are on the last page of the Syllabus.
  • There are several links in the Syllabus that you might want to bookmark; our website, Sakai, and DreamSpark Premium for example.
  • There is a link I didn't have time to cover last night: Class links. There are several links that we will use in class and others are just for your interest and convenience.
  • I have corrected the dates on the heading of the Assignment Schedule in the Syllabus.
I'm looking forward to our semester together and having the opportunity to help you to the next level. My goal is your success.

August 26, 2014

Welcome to Principles of Computer Programming (COP 1000)

This is where class announcements will be posted. Please check this page frequently.

Here are the final class standings from last semester:

Final Standings

I will make every effort to post class standings once a week starting at midterm.